Screening Center (P24)

Screening Center are crucial to limit spreading of virus from town to town. Large amount of travelers need to be tested everyday, every hour, every minute. P24 is designed to put up quickly so that travelers will have a weather shielded shelter while going through screening and the healthcare workers and screening technicians will have a safe and comfortable workplace to carry out this highly responsible and dangerous task.




  • TRUECORE steel (BLUESCOPE) frames and trusses
  • BLUESCOPE ZACS external wall & roof metal cladding with insulation
  • Powder coated Aluminium frame doors and windows


  • LYSAGHT PANELRIB metal sheet (BLUESCOPE) to ceiling and internal walls
  • Plywood laminated with Formica for internal doors
  • Fiber cement + Vinyl flooring to internal floor


  • Vinyl flooring to dry floor area
  • Water saving two-piece toilet suites
  • Wall hang wash basin
  • Mixer basin faucet

Electrical & Lighting

  • Exhaust fan in bathrooms
  • Air-Conditioning unit in Office room
  • Energy Efficient light
  • Multi-standard socket outlet
  • Outdoor wall mounted light & Emergency light

Additional Elements

  • Loose Furniture
  • Mechanical ventilation system for Hall
  • Locker
  • Laundry facilities, etc.

Excluded Items

The following items are not included in the price of building.

  • Building permit application fees
  • Soil test fees
  • Connection to YESB fees
  • Septic system
  • Overhead tank/ Ground tank/ Backup storage tank
  • Landscape & Landscape’s lighting
  • Fence & Gate Door design
  • Apron & Drain
  • Tube well
  • Backup Generator
  • Cables & Internet Service (ELV system)