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ApartmentStudio unitLanded HouseSingle story house2 story houseBunglo type homeHospitalSchoolYeiktharHostelOther


Main RoadSecond Main RoadAway from main roadOther

shopping centre or super marketnear hospital or clinicnear golf classwithin walking distance of entertainment or recreation opportunitiesnear river or lakenear parkOther


Studio2 bedrooms3 bedrooms4 bedroomsOther

river or lake viewcity viewcity escape viewOther

want to make money for your empty landto live with family for long termwant to build homeOther

YangonOutside YangonMandalayMaymyoTaunggyiKalawOther

quietbusy neighbourupper classmiddle classOther




YesNot necessaryOther

from USD85,000 to USD1,000,000higher thanlower thanOther

cash downhome loneconstruction loneOther